Moltiply Group believes that the following core strengths will contribute to its future growth:

  • Management expertise and commitment: our management consists of qualified executives holding significant shareholdings in our company, committed over the long-term to developing and improving the Group performance.

Specific Broking Division strengths include:

  • Strong position in the Italian market for credit broking through Internet and telephone: such position allows for solid and in some cases privileged and strategic relationships with primary national and international lenders.
  • Limited reliance upon individual lenders: we have a large number of agreements with various lenders, which allows us to maintain a position of independence with respect to each individual lender.
  • Favorable development dynamics for internet and telehone channels as alternatives to traditional banking channels: mostly thanks to the increasingly widespread use of the internet and a higher level of customer awareness concerning the advantages deriving from online broking services.

Specific BPO Division strengths include:

  • Strategic position in the forefront of the Italian BPO market: we expect to benefit from the further expansion of the BPO market which we believe will take place in Italy, as has already occurred in other principal credit process-related BPO markets in Europe.
  • Advanced proprietary technologies supporting the management of complex credit processes and services: developed thanks to deep experience gained in the financial services field and significant internal IT skills.
  • Focus on performance and quality of services provided to our lending clients: we strive to continuously improve our services, by implementing an industrial-like approach to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our activities and services.