Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A. is a retail credit and insurance broker through remote channels and a provider of credit-related outsourcing services to lenders, outsourcing services for the asset management industry and insurance claim outsourcing services with an important position in the Italian and international market. The Group also owns some financial investments.

The main retail brands of the subsidiaries of the group: is the first mortgage broker in the Italian market and is a landmark in the market of mortgages to retail consumers. It distributes home loans of major banks in the Italian market. It also has sections devoted to remortgages, mortgage insurances and mortages for home at auction. is the first online personal loans and online funding in the Italian market. It also has sections devoted to loans guaranteed by a withholding on the borrowers’ salary, and to debt-consolidation. is the multi-product comparator of Italian families. It allows you to compare the best offers for insurance products, mortgages, loans, current and deposit accounts, internet, gas and electricity offers. aims to always stand by consumers looking for the best offers on the market. is an independent website for the comparison of home internet offers, gas & electricity and pay TV rates, accounts, mobile phone networks and mobile internet. It offers a simple and impartial service, with the support of a free and no obligation consulting service. is the first aggregator brand in the spanish market. Born in 2009 with a focus on car insurance comparison ("seguros de coche" comparison beeing the most wanted product), it now allows customers to compare over 45 products and services, including different types of insurance (motor, health, home, etc.), financial products and utilities. It was acquired by Gruppo MutuiOnline at the beginning of 2023. is a co-leading multi-product insurance comparator in the French market. Launched in 2010, the website focus is on the comparison both of car insurance ("assurance auto" in French) and motorcycle, home and health insurance. joined Gruppo MutuiOnline at the beginning of 2023. a spin-off of the Rastreator insurance, financial, telephony and utilities comparison website operating in Spain, has been the first insurance comparison website in the Mexican market. Focusing mainly on the "seguro de auto" product, that is car insurances, also joins the MutuiOnline Group at the beginning of 2023. is an innovative online comparator of more than 20.000 Investment Funds, Sicav and Pension Funds. Via the website users can sign a contract that allows them to subscribe stakes and shares among thousands of investment funds and Sicav of partner Fund Houses. is the first insurance broker born in Italy for the comparison of car insurances and on line motorcycle insurances of a large number of direct insurance companies. It also gives the opportunity to compare truck and moped insurances, as well as offering an insurance guide and a free consulting service to help users in the process of comparison and choice of the most suitable RC insurance. is the undisputed Italian leader in the online price comparison field, acquired by Gruppo MutuiOnline at the end of 2018, following the acquisition of the entire capital of 7pixel. is the price comparison engine that for over 20 years has allowed millions of users to find the cheapest offers for free, in an easy and fast way. is an online comparator that allows you to make a free, clear and transparent comparison between the best market offers for deposit accounts and current accounts.

Money360 is a credit broker operating an agent network of credit professionals spanning the national territory, specialized in house purchase mortgages, re-mortgages, personal loans, employee loans and credit insurance. is the first Italian site for the search for notaries online, where in a simple and fast way you can find all notaries present the different Italian municipalities. The search can be done by name of the notary, by municipality, by province, or by notary district. In any case, you'll find what you are looking for. is a helpful website that, in a simple and quick way, allows to look for bank branches and bank agencies present throughout Italy.

Press releases
26/02/2024 - Update on the execution of the program for the purchase of own shares
Financial calendar
14/03/2024 - Board of Directors for the approval of financial year 2023 preliminary results