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Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A. is a leading retail credit and insurance broker through remote channels and a leading provider of credit-related outsourcing services to lenders, outsourcing services for the asset management industry and insurance claim outsourcing services in Italy. The group also owns some financial investments.

The main retail brands of the subsidiaries of the group:

MutuiOnline is the first mortgage broker in the Italian market and is a landmark in the market of mortgages to retail consumers. It distributes home loans of major banks in the Italian market. It also has sections devoted to remortgages.

PrestitiOnline is the first online personal loans broker in the Italian market. It also has sections devoted to loans guaranteed by a withholding on the borrowers’ salary and to revolving credit cards.

Segugio.it is the latest born in Gruppo MutuiOnline family: Segugio, the best friend of savings, is an innovative online comparator of credit and insurance products, which aims to assist consumers to find the best offers existing on the Italian market.

FondiOnline.it is an innovative online comparator of more than 20.000 Investment Funds, Sicav and Pension Funds. Via the website users can sign a contract that allows to subscribe stakes and shares among thousands of investments funds and Sicav of partner Fund Houses.

CercAssicurazioni is the leading online insurance broker for the comparison of car and motorcycle insurance of a large number of insurance companies. It also offers an online guide to insurance and advisory services to assist consumers in understanding, comparing and choosing the most suitable car insurance.

ConfrontaConti is an online comparator of deposit accounts, current accounts and rechargable cards. The service is currently under development.

Money360 is a credit broker operating an agent network of credit professionals spanning the national territory, specialized in house purchase mortgages, re-mortgages, personal loans, employee loans and credit insurance.

TrovaBanche is a helpful website that, in a simple and quick way, allows to look for banks branches and banks agencies present throughout Italy.

TrovAgenzie is an useful website that, easily and quickly, allows to look for insurance agencies and insurance agents present throughout Italy.

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11/02/2019 - Update on the execution of the program for the purchase of own shares
Financial calendar
14/03/2019 - Board of Directors for the approval of financial year 2018 preliminary results